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6 Tips To Transform Your Face

6 Tips To Transform Your Face

Whether you’re totally new to the makeup game, or been doing it since you started walking, we believe you can always benefit from a few makeup tips. So, in the spirit of sharing, we’ve put together our top 6 tips which will help you transform your face. These tips are so quick and easy to follow along to enhance your natural features and be feeling like your best self.

Tip #1: Choose the right foundation color

How could we possibly be looking and feeling our best if we haven't nailed down our base? There’s so many factors to take into account when choosing the right foundation for you: matte vs. glow, your skin tone as it changes throughout the seasons. Allowing yourself the time to find the correct color will really help in nailing that base and making sure it blends into your neck. There’s nothing worse than finishing your makeup and realizing you’ve got a bad blend!

Tip #2: Contour, contour, contour

We all love to accentuate different features, whether it be our cheekbones or our nose profile, and the easiest way to do that is via contouring. You can do this by using a bronzer or you can also contour using a Lava Art compact that is 3-5 shades deeper than your regular foundation shade. You can check out our blog on how to do this here. We recommend contouring down your nose and across your cheekbones and maybe even around the jawline and the top of the hairline as well to really frame the face. When you are contouring, you want to try and attack those sorts of areas because those are the areas where our bone structure is most prominent.

Tip #3: Make sure your skin is prepped

The next tip is making sure your skin is prepped before your start. If your skincare routine is on the ball and it's really suitable to your skin type, you are going to have a glowing, beautiful face to work on. And always underneath your makeup, you should always put on some SPF and also some moisturizer.
The night before, we recommend using the Perfect Extra Rich Facial Cream to really hydrate your skin and then the day of, use the Perfect Light Facial Cream before using some SPR and primer. Not only are you protecting your skin, but you're also going to have a beautiful, smooth base to work with.

Tip #4: Add some powder into your brows

While we all wish our natural eyebrows were dark, adding a little bit of powder with a fine brush into your brows can really help frame your face and make it pop. You would want to choose a shade which is a little bit darker than your hair color and darker than your natural brow shade.

Tip #5: Apply some winged liner

We absolutely love using a winged liner for dreamy looks - it can really help accentuate your eyes. It also elongates in that area and it adds that extra sort of layer. So instead of just using mascara to make your eyes pop, you also have this beautiful dark banding on the edges as well.

Tip #6:

Our last tip comes in 2 parts but it’s how to finish your look in the most perfect glowy way. Firstly, start with some highlighter - dab onto the top of your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to make sure you set your face so it stays in place for the play! Using our Perfect Stay Finishing Powder, use a big brush and gently go over your entire face. If you are oily or combination skin type, all of a sudden you are going to have this perfect fixed makeup which is not going anywhere throughout the entire day and it's also going to help reduce a little bit of that excess shine and oil that you can get on your skin.
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