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Our Story

Cosmetics with a purpose.

Here at Lava Art, nature is our source of beauty and inspiration. We strive to keep Mother Nature free from conflict, exploitation, or any form of impurity. Putting the environment first is a mindset deeply rooted in every aspect of how we operate. From the ingredients we select, to the materials we use for packaging, to the way we imagine the world should be - our products are a reflection of our core values.

Our "why" stems from our beliefs that beauty products should be sustainable and cruelty-free. It's because of these two beliefs that Lava Art was formed. But we know we're not alone on our mission to share the goodness of cruelty-free beauty, and we know this because the true essence of Lava Arts only realized in each uniquely rich, and genuine story of cruelty-free living being told every day by the world’s best storytellers - you.

Welcome to the Lava Art way of life.

Always natural. Always cruelty-free.

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