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How To Apply Eyeshadow: A Beginners Guide

How To Apply Eyeshadow: A Beginners Guide

Do you find yourself getting all excited about a simple eyeshadow tutorial on TikTok, only to get stuck not knowing where to start as soon as you sit down in front of the mirror, trying to recreate that look? You’re definitely not the only one! Like with any other new skill, learning how to apply eye makeup can be quite intimidating at first.

But that smokey eye you’ve been admiring for weeks is finally within your reach, even if you have no idea which brush to use, or which color palette suits your eyes better. Get ready to master all things eyeshadow with this beginners guide!

Choose Your Weapon

We mean makeup brush, of course! And more than one, because otherwise, you’d have to wash your brush after each application and probably stick to just one or two similar shades of your eyeshadow. Here are the must-haves:

  • Flat shader brush to apply the shade all over your eyelids as they tend to pick up the product well
  • Angled or crease brush for a more precise (and dramatic) color transition
  • Domed fluffy brush to blend and nail that smokey eye look

Build The Base

If you’re wondering how to prevent your eyeshadow from creasing or make it last all day or night, the base is the secret. It’s important to prep the eye by following your regular skincare routine with a twist to avoid rich, oil-based products around your eyes, so the eyeshadow sticks to your skin better.

Use a colored concealer or a primer to create a smooth surface on your eyelid and conceal any discolorations. Then, choose one of the lightest shades of your palette and apply it all over your eyelid, all the way up to the arch of your brow.

Bring Out The Color

Now your base is set, grab your eyeshadow palette and apply chosen colors, going from light to dark for more effective blending. For beginners eyeshadow look, we recommend applying light shade all over your lid, followed by a darker color applied to your outer crease. To add more dimension to your look, use a slightly darker shade from your base shadow to define the crease of your eye with the crease or angled brush.

Blend Baby, Blend!

This is the fun part, but also the part that often gets overlook. It’s important that your blend the shades together with a domed fluffy brush after you’re done applying the product, or else, you’ll be stuck with unnatural looking color transitions and harsh crease lines. Blend the areas where the different eyeshadows meet with gentle, circular motions until you’re satisfied with the transitions.

Apply The Rest Of Your Makeup

Finish off your look with a little mascara or eyeliner wing, and apply the foundation. And yes, the foundation should be applied after you’re done with your eye makeup! That way, you can make mistakes and not worry about having to start the process all over again!
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