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How To Find Your Skin Undertones

How To Find Your Skin Undertones

Struggling to find the correct foundation shade? Finding out your skin undertones first might help.

Did you know that your skin tone isn’t the same as your skin undertones? If finding the right foundation shade has been a nightmare for you, it could be because you’ve been focusing on the former only. Undertones are simply the natural colors that come through your skin. And while your skin type can change due to weather, sun exposure, or age, your undertones remain the same.

If warm, cool, or neutral doesn’t mean anything to you, we have a vlog to help you understand your undertones and never mismatch your foundation ever again.

We could go down the route of explaining to you all the different undertones like blue undertones or pink undertones but instead, we’ll keep it simple (one small step at a time!) and focus on the traditional undertones:
  • Warm undertones tend to have traces of yellow, peach, or golden in their skin, and usually, their skin tone gets darker in summer, but the skin rarely burns or peels off
  • Neutral undertones come through the skin as purple, pink, and blue tones, and while their skin tone also darkens from exposure to sun, their skin suffers from sun burn more often
  • Cool undertones give off pink and blue hues and are most susceptible to sun burns out of the three types.

Now, onto how to find your undertone

Here are a few tried and tested ways to find your natural shade:

1. Consider your reaction to the sun

Think about how your skin reacts to sunbathing: do you tan? If so, you most likely have warm undertones. If you burn, but still tan, then neutral hues are your answer. And finally, if getting too much sun means suffering because of how easily you burn, you’re probably a cool undertone.

2. Look at your veins.

Take a look at your wrist or neck veins under natural light. What colors do you see? Blue or purpose-ish veins could indicate cooler undertones, while green veins could mean you have warm undertones. And if you’re seeing a mixture of both, it’s most likely neutral.

3. Bring out the jewelry

It’s very simple: bring out some silver and gold pieces of jewelry like necklaces or bracelets and try them on to see which one looks best on you. If you like how yellow gold looks on your skin, you probably have warm undertones. Silver, platinum, and rose gold usually look more flattering on cooler undertones, and if you can’t tell the difference, you may have neutral undertones.

4. Put on a white T-Shirt

No, seriously. Throw on a white T-Shirt and find a place where there’s plenty of bright, natural light and see how your face looks like against the whiteness. If you notice pink or rosy tones, you’re probably cool toned. If your face looks yellow, your undertone is warm. And if you look equally good in white or cream colors, then you’re most likely neutral.
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