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Our Fave Looks From Euphoria Season 2, Ep 1

Our Fave Looks From Euphoria Season 2, Ep 1

After two agonizingly long years Euphoria, everyone’s favorite teen drama, is finally back on our screens! And as expected, episode 1 was packed with drama, drugs, and badass looks. 

Check out a few of our faves:


You know we had to kick things off with Maddy’s New Year look, this cutout dress/ black glove combo was everything. Paired with her picture-perfect, winged-out eyeliner, scraped back hair, and big hoops, beautiful, badass, and terrifying. Good luck Cassie, that’s all we can say! 


Speaking of Cassie, can we talk about this hair?! We don’t know what time she’s getting up to get her hair so perfect before school, but we’re not complaining. Nate does not deserve this perfection.


Kat always turns out a good fit, but so far this season it's her makeup we’re obsessed with. This blue eyeshadow, pink lip duo? Iconic, and perfectly framed by Barbie Ferriera’s signature brows. 


 “Fezco’s grandma was a G”. Enough said. This blue power suit hasn’t left our brains since we first saw it. Truly a blonde bombshell.

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