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Overhaul Your Make Up Bag

Overhaul Your Make Up Bag

Out with the old, and in with the new. Who else is guilty of having the same makeup bag (and products) for years? We could tell you everything we’ve got in there, what we do use and what we don’t… like the tube of lipstick you’ve been promising yourself you’ll wear but then never do! 

Sometimes it’s good to start fresh and throw out all of your unloved products, especially if they are old! Going through and chucking out old makeup will help you realize what you actually use on a daily basis. Makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria, so if you suspect something is rather dirty or passed its best before date (yes makeup products have these), then chuck it out. We’re starting fresh this 2022 and have outlined all the essentials your new makeup bag needs for its overhaul! 

First things first, we went out and grabbed a new make up bag! Something that was big enough to fit everything because it’s nice to be able to fit everything when you head away from home from skincare to makeup. 

Skincare Essentials

One of the first products to include in your bag, is our Perfect Moisturizing Sheet Mask. These are perfect to use just before putting on makeup, particularly if it is before the weekend and you’ve got some social events on. After cleansing, simply pop the mask on your face, leave for about 10 to 20 minutes and let all the ingredients soak in. Find a comfy spot to relax or even pop on a meditation for 10 minutes, and you’ll take it off to find your skin really hydrated. 

The next essential product is our Hydrating Boost Essence. Coming in a little dropper bottle for easy application, simply pop a couple of dots on your face and pat it into your skin for a really hydrated, pumped look that’s ready to go for the day! You should follow this up with really good quality moisturizer like our Perfect Facial Cream which is really great for just giving your face that moisture barrier it needs to face the days.

Makeup Essentials 

Colored Concealers 

If you haven’t tried colored concealers, then your life is about to change! Each one serves a different purpose, so we like to keep all 3 in our makeup bag depending on what’s required. Plus they all come with their own brush for easy application!

The Peach concealer is used to brighten skin while neutralizing circles and spots. The Green concealer is used for neutralizing any red tones; pimples or heat spots, rosacea or acne scars. And the yellow concealer is perfect for any purple hues (like when your dark under eyes are becoming a bit more prominent after staying up watching the last Euphoria episode…). 

Beauty Blender 

Our perfect, little, squishy blender! Who else loves their beauty blender? This is an absolute staple for your makeup bag to get into all of those really hard to reach places and make sure it’s blended out smoothly. 


Our #1 makeup bag essential is our Compact Cushion Foundation. Ready to become your go-to for the most beautiful finished makeup, it comes in two parts so that you can easy refill your compact if you run out and not waste on packaging. The cute polka case is designed, so you can easily pop the cushion refill in and out of the packaging. You simply open it up, pop it out, and click the new one back into place! It even comes with a little storage area for your compact cushion, meaning you can take your compact cushion with you everywhere you go and not have to worry about it spilling into your handbag. 

Finishing Powder

A product that many people still don’t use, this is definitely a makeup bag essential. Once you try it once, you will not be able imagine not having it in your makeup bag. Our Perfect Stay Finishing Powder is a white translucent powder that essentially aces like a setting spray in making sure that your makeup is fixed for the day. Grab a brush or beauty blender and dab it into areas that tend to get oily, like the t-zone, bridge of your nose, and chin. 

And there you have it! Everything you need to give your makeup bag a overhaul. What are your essential products? 

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