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Are You Making These 5 Common Eyeliner Mistakes?

Are You Making These 5 Common Eyeliner Mistakes?

No matter how many eyeliner tutorials you watch, and attempts you make at recreating them on yourself, you still can’t get it right. And truth to be told, while we’re absolutely crazy about cat eyes or double-winged eyeliner looks, we also secretly hate eyeliners. Purely because they’re so, so difficult to apply!

In this case, practice only makes it better. And while there are many ways to apply eyeliner correctly, there are also common mistakes we all make that make application even more nightmarish. Here are some of them, and a few tips on how to fix them.

Mistake #1. Not Prepping Your Skin

We keep saying this, but the base can make or break your makeup. It’s important to follow your regular skincare routine for the best results and to ensure your eyeliner doesn’t smudge or vanish in a matter of a couple of hours. Finish the prep by applying primer, concealer, or foundation (take your pick) to make the liner stick better to your skin and last longer.

Mistake #2. Pulling Or Tugging Your Eyelid

You’d think it would make sense to pull your lid to make your skin smooth and taut, right? Well, it’s not that simple. Pulling or tugging your eyelid while applying eyeliner results in the product creasing and looking textured as the skin pulls back to its natural shape. Instead, try lifting up your chin while looking down into a mirror to draw the line in one go, and touch up where it’s patchy.

Mistake #3. Using The Wrong Formula

If you’re using one eyeliner formula for all your different looks, you need to change it. ASAP. Each formula comes with its own perks, and using the wrong one can make it really difficult to create the makeup look you want. For smokey eyes, have a pencil eyeliner at hand as they create softer lines that are a lot easier to smudge. Gel-based eyeliners work well if you feel like trying the creative, double-winged look, while liquid eyeliners should be your go-to for smooth lines and vibrant colors.

Mistake #4. Not Tightlining

If you’ve never heard of tightlining, you’ve been missing out this whole time. Tightlining is simply lining your upper waterline to remove the gaps between your lashes and the eyeliner and give them a more defined and dramatic look. To pull it off, look up into the mirror, gently lift your upper eyelid with your finger and line away with a pencil eyeliner.

Mistake #5. Winging It Most Of The Time (Pun Intended)

Why is it you can never get perfect flicks? Probably because you’re not using the tape trick! No matter how steady your hand, no two flicks are ever the same or even, so grab a bit of tape and stick it from the outer corner of your eye to the outer edge of your brow. This allows for a more precise and quicker, error-proof application in minutes.
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